Dawid Stasiak

Front-End Developer & Graphic Designer since '09

Welcome to my world! My name is Dawid ;)

You are probably wondering who I am...?

I like... ekhm... I love what I do too!

My adventure with Webdeveloping started in 2009. I used to dismantle ready-made templates of websites to learn their anatomy and see how they work. In the meantime I created my first graphic "works" in Photoshop. I got beaten by a bug.

In 2010 I went to a prestigious IT technical college in Łódź. I was going there for 2,5 years, I was one of the best pupils but in the middle of my 3rd year I decided that this was not the right way.

I had the impression that instead of extending my knowledge I was hindering my development. We were not taught how to solve problems but rather we had to mindlessly repeat templates.

In 2013 I decided to quit this school. I moved to an extramural State High School. Since then I have been investing in myself even more time I manage to save. Are you wondering if I regret it? Yes, I regret..... that I haven't done this earlier!

Less than a year later, in April 2014 I opened my studio named Acclaim and I have been working as a one-person Interactive Agency Acclaim Dawid Stasiak for more than a year now.

In 6 years I have gained lots of abilities that help me today build incredible projects. And you know what? I haven't worked a single day in my life so far!

What can I do for you?

Explore my skills

Computer graphics

I design websites using Photoshop

The first step leading to a beautiful and functional website is its design. On the basis of the brief prepared by the client create in Photoshop website layout.

I extend my knowledge in terms of design every day – thanks to this all the projects I carry out do not just look perfect but they go in line with present trends.


I <3 coding in HTML5 / CSS3 / JS!

Clarity and correctness of the code are the most important values for me. All the projects that I conduct are in conformity with the latest W3C standards.

When coding I use the Bootstrap framework and a number of jQuery plugins. Thanks to this the websites I code do not only display well in all available resolutions but they also look incredible putting users in an extraordinary atmosphere.

I integrate Wordpress

I integrate CMSs – I love WordPress

Who wouldn't want to easily mange the content and multimedia on his or her website?

When moving a website to WordPress I pay special attention to usefulness and intuitive navigation of the interface. I use plugins which make administering the website as easy as possible for the end users.

Develops materials for printing

Need a logo or design for print? No problem!

In each project I apply the rules of the right composition, I take care of clarity and user-friendly look. I always select typography and the form of the content with accordance to the specificity of the industry being promoted. I don't like conventional approach :/

I create logos, visiting cards, letterheads, corporate envelopes, booklets, document wallets, leaflets, brochures, catalogues, job offer letters, layouts for invoices and many others – in short, you will get a full visual identification of your company from me.

The final effect is fusion of a client's vision and my experience in terms of design – the perfect combination!

Want work with me?

Drop me a line by filling this form or catch me at dawidstasiak[at]